Adams River 2010
Monitors and microphone
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Peter Sircom Bromley

this website is the name of this web domain, the online occupational presence of Peter Sircom Bromley. All visual elements presented here are derived from his work. Peter is a freelancer. He does stuff, gets paid, and pays his taxes.

the Artist

the studio

Design and production takes place in a small studio on a quiet residential street – something made possible by the internet, and modern, low-cost production gear. The main design tools are comprised of industry standard software on PC and Mac platforms.

the geek

what to expect

Expect media collateral that communicates accurately and clearly. Expect quality and affordability. And most of all, expect a straightforward approach to media communications developed over the course of 30+ years in the business.

Peter Sircom Bromley

the director

  • Over 30 years experience as a communications professional
  • Writer, researcher, film/video maker, graphic designer, photographer, animator, composer
  • A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
the Artist

the artist

  • Career-long involvement with cultural and environmental issues
  • Exhibitions in Halifax, Montreal and Toronto
  • Award winning work: a Clio Award in 1986, and an International Printing House Gold Award in 2011
the geek

the geek

  • Production management
  • Camera operation
  • Sound recording
  • Software troubleshooting

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